ZEN offers over 150 various options to pay online for your goods and services. We wanted to make sure using acquiring services is easy and fully transparent. Further sections of this document explain basic structure and flow of the payment process with ZEN.


Integrated account feature of ZEN means that acquiring funds for the online sales and settling them to your IBAN account are connected into one streamlined process. In other words, money from transactions is wired to your account in a matter of seconds instead of hours or day, and it's instantly ready to be used by you. transaction flow

What is more, you can connect various streams of sales revenue to one tree-like structure. Merchant ID (MID) represents the legal entity acting as merchant in the transaction. Each Merchant can create number of Shop IDs (SIDs) representing particular websites the sales are processed on. Finally, each SID is tied to Terminal ID (TID). TIDs hold information about payment methods and currencies used in particular Shops. From the integration perspective, each transactions are processed on the Terminal level. terminal level

Integration Credentials

In order to start integrating ZEN online payments, you will need credentials to your Terminals. Once you login to ZEN open Menu and head to Store settings (in the Online Payments section). API & Documentation page holds all the credentials. And integration documentation for selected methods will instruct you on wich credentials are required for which method.

Payment Flow

Each payment with ZEN starts from sending authorization request. ZEN redirects user (or collected payment data) to payment operator. At this point transaction is in PENDING status. Once transaction has been verified you will receive IPN (Instant Payment Notification) informing about one of the statuses AUTHORIZED, CANCELED, REJECTED or ACCEPTED. If instant authorization is not available IPN might come with status PENDING. In such case you should continue waiting for IPN with final authorization status. Accepted transactions are settled to your ZEN IBAN account. Rejected transactions include also rejection reason code allowing you to verify due to which reason payment could not be processed successfully. transaction statuses

Integration Methods

ZEN offers you 3 easy integration methods tailored to fit your needs and expectations.

Paywall plugin integration supports most popular Ecommerce platforms. Simply select the platform you are using and follow provided integration guidelines.

If you're running a custom Ecommerce solution (or could not find the platform you are using), ZEN offers Paywall direct integration. By posting simple form you can direct buyer ZEN Paywall. Once transaction is authorized you will receive IPN and can proceed to ship goods to the client.

In order to integrate with unique, custom platforms you can use ZEN API. It allows for high level of customization to make sure it will fit perfectly on your website.